15 Freelance Writing Gigs

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Welcome, Freelance Writers.

Happy Monday and welcome to a new week!

I’ve got some great opportunities for you today — a larger than average list for a Monday — so let’s dig in. I’m hoping a few of these put a smile on your face :)

The Gigs.

✅ Celeste Durve is looking for a freelance strategist to help build out case studies and strategize on brand positioning for VIPER

✅ Bree Barnett is hiring a copywriter at Lee Company

Funding Impact is hiring a copywriter for investment fund bios

Valnet Inc. is looking for feature writers who are Windows experts for the website MakeUseOf.com

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is seeking a freelance copywriter with experience in fundraising emails for nonprofits

The Exceptional Plan is hiring a freelance SEO content writer

Healing Therapy Services is hiring a freelance writer

Fud, a mobile app that aims to super-serve the hustlers, is hiring a freelance writer 

Ammad Qureshi is hiring freelance content writers (among other positions)

Seema Nishad is hiring a content writer at V3SCAP

= top opportunity

That’s a Wrap.

As we move toward the end of the month, remember one thing: it’s a good time to create your March marketing plan.

If you have anything to share, reach out to me by sending a LinkedIn message or replying to this email.