20 Freelance Writing Gigs

Featuring Grow and Convert + IGN

Welcome, Freelance Writers.

One of the things I like most about curating the Freelance Framework newsletter is the opportunity to see what the market has to offer.

Today’s edition has a wide variety of gigs. Check them out below ⬇️

The Gigs.

✅ 🇺🇸 Grow and Convert is hiring product copywriters

✅ 🇺🇸 Growth Machine is hiring freelance content creators

✅ 🇬🇧 Sarah Tobin is hiring a freelance social media/content manager across multiple platforms

✅ 🇺🇸 Robert Anderson is hiring freelance writers to cover Pokémon, toys, and other collectibles at IGN

✅ 🌎 Pointed Copywriting is hiring a content writer for real estate and moving industry software

🇺🇸 Valnet is hiring an NBA data journalist

🇺🇸 Cardwell Beach is hiring an SEO content specialist

🇺🇸 Pudgy Penguins is hiring a comedic skit writer

🇺🇸 The Storage Group is hiring a digital content writer to create creative content for websites, blogs and additional advertising channels

🇺🇸 Betches Media is seeking a part-time trending news writer who will write daily pop culture content for the Betches site

🇺🇸 Tasting Table is hiring a freelance editor

🇺🇸 Prototype is hiring a writer to summarize meeting minutes

🇺🇸 America's Physician Groups is hiring a newsletter editor and writer

🇺🇸 Aventura is hiring a freelance travel writer

🇬🇧 Lauren Sudworth is hiring a creative freelance copywriter at PhotoRoom

🇸🇦 Mahmoud Abdelnaby is hiring a freelance SEO content writer for agency work

🇮🇳 Rahul Pandey is recruiting for the position of freelance content writer for a web3 company

🇬🇧 Sam Shedden is hiring freelance tech news writers at Finixio

🇺🇸 Aardvark Writing is hiring a remote freelance writer to write articles on various topics

= top opportunity

That’s a Wrap.

Don’t fret if your February is off to a slow start. Stay positive, follow your plan, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

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