21 Freelance Writing Gigs

Featuring Car and Driver, Everyday Health Group, and more

Welcome, Freelance Writers.

Compared to last month, March has been a bit slow in the freelance writing gigs department. Fortunately, I have a list of 20+ opportunities to share with you today.

You’ll also note the return of the “country flags” feature, along with a new feature: project rates.

Let’s get started.

The Gigs.

✅ 🇺🇸 Elana Scherr, Senior Features Editor at Car and Driver is accepting automotive pitches ($.75 - $1/word)

✅ 🇬🇧 RBM is hiring a freelance copywriter with IT experience

✅ 🇺🇸 Everyday Health Group is hiring a freelance reviews writer ($2,800/month)

🇺🇸 GIVEMESPORT is hiring a weekend NBA writer

🇺🇸 HotNewHipHop.com is hiring a freelance content writer ($14.50 - $17.00/hour)

🇺🇸 Liveglam is hiring a brand copywriter with beauty industry experience

🇺🇸 Tricycle is accepting pitches about Buddhism

🇺🇸 Marc Reyes, Editor at Contingent Magazine is accepting history related pitches ($250+)

🇺🇸 Observer Media Group is hiring a freelance marketing copywriter

🇺🇸 Rainesford Stauffer is accepting pitches for a 100 Days in Appalachia vertical ($200 - $300+)

🇺🇸 Transacted is hiring a freelance reporter for a private equity newsletter ($65/hour)

🇦🇪 Fadila Safwat is looking for freelance content writers who are fluent in AR and/or EN

🇺🇸 Courtney Olson has two clients who are seeking freelance writing support

🇺🇸 Game Rant is looking for video game fans to contribute articles about the most popular titles and happenings in the video game industry

🇺🇸 Eric Zeman is hiring freelance writers to review audio products every month for PCMag

🇬🇧 James Mulvany is looking for a freelance content writer to create articles for the Broadcast.co brands

🇮🇳 Anuj Chaudhary is hiring a freelance legal content writer

🇺🇸 Allison at The Daily Beast is looking for a freelance writer with a background sourcing interview subjects to discuss niche beliefs, hobbies or similar to create a branded content piece ($750)

🇮🇳 VSSS Lalitha is hiring freelance content writers with a passion for storytelling

= top opportunity

That’s a Wrap.

I’m excited about sharing rate information for each gig (when available).

However, even though I wish it wasn’t the case, many companies still neglect to provide a pay range in their listings.

Tip: Don’t let the absence of a pay range scare you away from an opportunity. But do take caution.

If you have anything to share, reach out to me by sending a LinkedIn message or replying to this email.