12 Freelance Writing Gigs

Featuring Semrush, Growth Machine, and more

Welcome, Freelance Writers.

The calendar isn’t playing tricks on your mind — it really is April 29th, and that means the end of the month is approaching fast.

Here are some freelance writing opportunities to help you finish the month strong and move into May with confidence.

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Resource of the Day.

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The Gigs.

✅ 🇺🇸 Alex Lindley is looking for freelance editors for the Semrush blog

✅ 🇺🇸 Growth Machine, an SEO and content marketing agency, is hiring a freelance content creator

🇺🇸 Speedwork, a LinkedIn ads agency, is hiring a freelance social content specialist ($20 - $30/hour)

🇺🇸 Page One Publishing is hiring freelance writers

🇺🇸 Sheeva Azma is hiring freelance writers interested in blogging about fashion, skincare, makeup, home, trends, and pop culture

🇺🇸 Hibaaq Abdillahi is hiring a freelance copywriter for social media projects

🇺🇸 Wealth of Geeks is accepting pitches for geeky side hustles

🌎 CoinTelegraph is hiring a content writer

🌎 CoinTelegraph is hiring an editor

🌎 CoinTelegraph is hiring a journalist/reporter

= top opportunity

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That’s a Wrap.

Thanks for stopping by to read this edition of the Freelance Framework newsletter. I’m looking forward to finishing April strong and kicking off May with a bang. How about you?

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