24 Freelance Writing Gigs

A massive list to kick off May!

Welcome, Freelance Writers.

May is here and I’m excited to see where the month takes us. Here are some April stats for the Freelance Framework newsletter.

  • # of daily newsletters: 21

  • Total # of gigs: 343

  • Avg. # of gigs/day: 16

  • Highest paying gig: $10k+/month

Now, it’s time to kick off the new month.

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The Gigs.

✅ 🇺🇸 Jason Devaney is looking for freelance writers and content reviewers who are experts in insurance, including life, home, auto, and pet, to create content for U.S. News & World Report

✅ 🇺🇸 Eater's specialty newsletters/columns is accepting travel and food pitches ($.50/word)

✅ 🇺🇸 Stephanie Hope is adding freelance writers to her roster at Fortune

🇺🇸 Multi-Housing News and Commercial Property Executive are seeking skilled freelance writers to contribute regularly to our B2B media brands

🇺🇸 The List is looking for freelance writers with a love of pop culture to join its team ($21/hour)

🇺🇸 Casey Yandle III is hiring freelance creative writers at Advance Local

🇺🇸 DailyMail.com is seeking an LA Showbiz freelance reporter

🇺🇸 IB Publishing is hiring automotive writers

🇺🇸 6Speed Online is hiring a freelance writer who is passionate about the 6-speed Porsche experience

🇺🇸 CarsDirect is seeking Spanish language writers with experience creating content on auto financing topics

🇺🇸 FitDay.com is hiring freelance writers to cover relationships, beauty and other related topics

🇺🇸 Johnmichael Faustini is looking for a freelancer to write about AI, cloud, and security for a tech client

🇺🇸 Thomas Wolfe is hiring freelance writers with IT, cybersecurity, and/or marketing writing experience

🇬🇧 Ebuyer is hiring a freelance SEO copywriter for immediate support

🇬🇧 Lamar Dix is looking for a freelance copywriter for a client to help create campaigns that shift policies and change public narratives

🇬🇧 Nicky Pearson is hiring freelance copywriters for an e-sports gaming brand

🇮🇳 Tanya D. is hiring a freelance content writer in the game development space

🇮🇳 Umang Dayal is looking for freelance content writers in the tech space

🇮🇳 Geetika jaiswal is looking for a freelance content writer who has previously written biographies

🇦🇺 Michael Brady is looking for a freelance writer with a knack for engaging storytelling and an interest in the past and how things work

🇦🇺 Elizabeth Whitehead is seeking pitches for the culture ad passport sections across Australian Traveller and International Traveller print magazines

= top opportunity

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That’s a Wrap.

A big thanks to all my subscribers. You make it easy for me to want to share the best gigs, day after day. 😄 

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