18 Freelance Writing Gigs

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Welcome, Freelance Writers.

There’s a simple solution if you’re not having much (or any) success with cold outreach: double down on applying for open gigs.

You may find that it’s the best use of your time.

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The Gigs.

🇺🇸 Kayleigh Drake is hiring freelance writers to expand the commerce content library at McClatchy

🇺🇸 The Sharper Group is hiring a freelance grant writer ($50 - $65/hour, 10+ hours/week)

🇺🇸 ContentWriters is hiring a freelance writer in the mental health space ($141/1,000 words)

🇺🇸 Frank Olito is seeking first-person essays on divorce for Business Insider ($220+)

🇺🇸 Buildium, A RealPage Company is looking for freelance writers with experience with SEO, SaaS tech companies, and the property management industry

🇺🇸 Kara Bottoms is looking for freelance copywriters with medical and pharmaceutical experience

🇺🇸 Nasuni is hiring technical writers

🇬🇧 Eleven Writing is hiring a freelance CRM writer

🇬🇧 Summer Rae Mason is accepting pitches for various stories at The Sun

🇬🇧 Daniel Davies is looking for writers at Men’s Health UK

🇬🇧 The DK Travel team is looking for proofreaders, indexers, project editors and copy editors (ideally with travel and geography specialisms) to work on an exciting list of travel guides and gift and inspiration books

🇬🇧 Valentina Corbani is looking for freelance medical writers for various markets

🇬🇧 Lizz Summers is seeking recommendations for freelance copywriters

🇮🇳 Moiz Cyclewala is hiring a freelance content writer

🇮🇳 Divyank Jain is hiring Saas, fintech, and finance freelance writers at The Wise Idiot

🇮🇳 Team ABC is hiring freelance writers

🇮🇳 Sujal Gupta is hiring a freelance content writer

= top opportunity

🏁 = originating country

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That’s a Wrap.

That’s not the largest list I’ve shared, but there are some solid opportunities. Examine them carefully and apply as quickly as you can.

If you have anything to share, reach out to me by sending a LinkedIn message or replying to this email.