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Welcome, Freelance Writers.

A reminder that Monday is a holiday here in the United States — so the next edition of Freelance Framework won’t go out until Tuesday.

I’ve got some super-exciting gigs below to keep you busy today and into the weekend.

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Resource of the Day.

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The Gigs.

✅ 🇺🇸 Microsoft is hiring a technical writer ($51.50 - $58.50/hour)

✅ 🇺🇸 VICE.com, a global leader in producing and distributing groundbreaking news, culture, and entertainment content, is hiring a commerce writer on a per article basis

✅ 🇺🇸 Animalz is hiring a freelance copyeditor for roughly 15 hours/week

✅ 🇺🇸 Animalz is hiring a freelance developmental editor

🇺🇸 TheThings’ editorial team is looking for a lead editor to oversee the site's day-to-day

🇺🇸 Security Base Group Inc., a security guard service provider, is hiring a contract content writer

🇺🇸 Advanced Health Academy is hiring a freelance medical writer ($30 - $60/hour)

🇬🇧 Third Space Learning is hiring former or current U.S. teachers to write blog content

🇺🇸 Webstable Media, a digital media company, is hiring a digital writer

🇺🇸 Blavity, Inc. is a venture-funded media and technology company, is hiring a freelance marketing writer

🇺🇸 Simple Flying is hiring U.S.-based freelance writers

🇺🇸 LeanTaaS, a healthcare software company, is hiring a medical writer

🇺🇸 Articulate, a leading SaaS provider of online training solutions, is hiring a UX writer

🇺🇸 Nicole Lund is looking for freelance writers to write well-researched evergreen commerce content for Real Simple — specifically those with experience covering cleaning & organizing, bedding & bath, or vacuums & home appliances

🇺🇸 Henry DeVries is looking for recommendations for freelance writers who have written for a major financial publication like Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Inc., Money, or Forbes

🇷🇴 Adina Minculescu is hiring iGaming freelance content writers at Casino Alpha

🇬🇧 Maggie Senior is looking for freelance script writers at Dabble Agency

🇬🇧 EPH Creative (Event Prop Hire) is hiring a freelance content writer

🇺🇸 Jason Fraychineaud is seeking freelance writers with experience in finance, travel, and pop culture

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That’s a Wrap.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend. I appreciate each and every one of you! 😃

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