10 Freelance Writing Gigs

Featuring a food gig paying $3,500/month

Welcome, Freelance Writers.

The first working day of June has arrived, and I couldn’t be more excited about the month to come.

It’s taking a bit longer than expected, but I’m hoping to launch a premium version of the Freelance Framework newsletter this month. 🤞 

Here are some gigs to kick off the week.

Resource of the Day.

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The Gigs.

✅ 🇺🇸 Food World News is hiring part-time remote freelance food writers ($2,500 - $3,500/month)

✅ 🇨🇭 PayAccept is looking for freelance writers who specialize in fintech and decentralized finance

✅ 🇺🇸 InvestorPlace.com is looking for trading freelance writers

🇺🇸 Christian Banach is hiring a contract editorial director, newsletters ($35 - $45/hour)

🇮🇳 Sayali D is looking for freelance content writers with experience with e-learning content

🇮🇳 Udit Kashyap is looking for freelance writers to create various types of content

🇮🇳 Shipra Garg is looking for a content writer

🇨🇦 Daniela Sánchez Calva is hiring a freelance UX writer

= top opportunity

🏁 = originating country

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If you want to support my efforts to create the best newsletter for freelance writing gigs, virtual tips are appreciated. 😃 

That’s a Wrap.

Now’s the time to think about how you want your marketing strategy to unfold this month. The sooner you pin down the details the sooner you can take action.

If you have anything to share, reach out to me by sending a LinkedIn message or replying to this email.