14 Freelance Writing Gigs

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I’m excited to share today’s list of gigs. Let’s get straight to it!

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The Gigs.

🇺🇸 WebMD is looking for freelance healthcare writers to contribute articles that are both factually correct and accessible to a general audience ($50 - $180/500 - 1,500 word article)

🇺🇸 IB Publishing is looking for registered dieticians to contribute well-written, informative articles for a leading health and fitness website

🇺🇸 Nolo, a publisher of self-help legal books and software for consumers, is looking for freelance writers with a strong legal background to contribute well-written, informative articles on bankruptcy, debt, credit, and consumer law

🇮🇳 Deepali Maheshwari is looking for a freelance content writer/editor at Wordscloud

🇺🇸 Emily Krivograd is accepting pitches for US vs. non-US story ideas and essays about moving from expats who experienced a major culture shock ($220/600 word article)

🇺🇸 Sam Bathe is looking for a freelance campaigns copywriter at Zendesk

🇺🇸 U.S. News 360 Reviews is looking for freelance writers with experience in one of the following categories: cell phone plans or hearing aids (healthcare)

🇺🇸 Estuary, a data operations platform, is looking for a freelance technical writer

🇺🇸 John W. Griffin is looking for a freelance copywriter/editor to create and edit copy for Spiral Scout

🇺🇸 Nia Gyant is looking for a freelance technical writer at Omniscient Digital

🇺🇸 Block, an online platform for comparing quotes from contractors, is looking for a freelance copywriter ($35/hour, 8 - 15 hours/week)

🇺🇸 Adventure Cyclist magazine is accepting pitches from freelance writers ($.30 - $.60/word)

🇺🇸 AFAR, a magazine that makes a positive impact on the world through high-quality storytelling, is accepting pitches ($1+/word)

🇺🇸 Ambrook Research is accepting pitches about issues facing modern agriculture ($.50 - $1/word)

= top opportunity

🏁 = originating country (open to all unless stated)

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