Welcome to Freelance Framework

Welcome to Freelance Framework — a daily newsletter full of freelance writing gigs (more on this below). I’m Chris Bibey, a full-time freelance writer earning multi-six figures a year since 2009.

If you follow me on LinkedIn or we’ve chatted about how to grow your freelance writing career, you know one thing to be true: I’m a huge proponent of implementing a daily marketing strategy.

It’s my opinion (based on 15+ years of results) that applying for freelance writing gigs — day after day — is the quickest and most efficient way to the income you’re seeking. It should serve as your foundation.

And that’s why I’ve created this newsletter. Here’s what you get:

1️⃣ A daily (weekday) email featuring freelance writing gigs posted within the last 24 hours. The key word here? Daily. Once or twice a week emails are full of dated opportunities that are either filled or already have hundreds of applicants.

2️⃣ Pitch lists. Once a week, I share 50+ publications to pitch within a specific niche. Finance, health, sports, travel — you get the point. Use these to jumpstart your cold pitch strategy.

3️⃣ Resources and recommendations. LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, blog posts, top tools, new products, and more.

That’s all for now. It’s time to apply for open gigs!

PS: I’d love for you to share the newsletter with friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else who wants to grow their freelance writing career.